Coming Next – A Very Different Story

Now that the Passions series of Medieval historical romances are all published, my next release will mark a major change of direction.  I go from well in the past to well in the future with CHECKMATE, a stand-alone novella. This is a wild ride without the domestic discipline or spanking scenarios of my other books, though it has plenty of kink!

It was originally published as part of the space pirates anthology titled PLEASURE RAIDERS, and then on its own. When my contract with the previous publisher expired I asked for and was granted the rights back to this one.

The cover is in development now and I hope to have it in a couple of weeks.  Meanwhile, here’s a fun blurb I wrote for it a while back:

Space pirates!  What’s not to love?  The novella CHECKMATE started out as part of an anthology called PLEASURE RAIDERS, released a few years ago by a publisher that is now defunct. With future technologies and galaxies and more to play with, I let my imagination run free. Space pirates with checkered pasts, well-guarded secrets, and uncertain futures? Check. Space bars and tavern fights? Check. Bizarre aliens with aggressive tendencies and strange laws? Check. A hero and heroine who are smart, strong, and capable? Check. Make them go through a series of public ‘games’ that test both their fighting and their sexual skills? Check. Finding love in the midst of all that? CHECKMATE.

You can read the first chapter here.

A juicier sneak peak will be coming in a few days.

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