Dominant Boys of Summer Releases Tomorrow

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It’s timely, too, since I’m re-releasing the first of my Suburban Dominants series tomorrow.  Dominant Boys of Summer is a very sexy, very kinky short story, featuring three of my favorite characters.

The series features loosely related stories of a group of friends with kinky tastes. Some of them are short stories, some are full-length novels and a couple are novellas.

I know it’s Halloween, but even though this story isn’t set at Halloween, you can enjoy it any time.  Here’s a seven-paragraph sneak peek:


The two men came into the living room from a back bedroom just moments after she’d set the three open bottles on the glass coffee table and sat down in one of the chairs.

“Stand up,” Dave said.

After hesitating for a second, Julie stood. Since the two men approaching stared at her, she did the same, turning her attention from one to the other and then back. Both were handsome but in very different ways. Oddly their coloring belied their natures. Dave had the sunny disposition but his hair was almost black and his eyes the color of rich, dark chocolate. Cooler, harder, more introspective Nick had blond hair and green eyes. Dave was six foot two. Nick was a couple of inches shorter, with broader shoulders and a deeper chest. Nonetheless even with his slimmer build, Dave had solid muscles. Both men worked out to stay in shape as well as meeting often for tennis and golf.

Dave’s expression remained harder than normal. “Turn around.”

Julie did, despite the blush rising to her cheeks as she thought about them studying her oversized rear end.

“You can face us again,” Dave said after a couple of uncomfortable moments. His expression softened as he approached her. “Julie, I have to know if you still want to do this. You know what it entails. You’ve had time to think about it. Are you sure?”

She looked over at Nick, considering how it would change their relationship, then back to Dave. “Are you sure?”


Intrigued?  Check back here tomorrow for the buy link!


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