Sexy Saturday Excerpt – Ruling Passion

Ruling_Passion_smHere’s a seven-paragraph excerpt from my very first EC novel, Ruling Passion, a medieval historical:


She had to take a deep breath. “I cannot pay you anything in gold.”

The same blond eyebrows rose. The shiver that went down her spine this time held an element of fear as well as admiration.

“Last night you claimed you could,” he said.

“I was desperate to be free of that cell,” she admitted. “But I’ll pay in any way I can.”     A cold light sparkled in the narrowed gray eyes. “Money is the coin of exchange I deal in. That is what you promised me last night.”

“And I thought you an honorable man last night,” she countered. “One who would understand a woman’s desperation. One who could value a human life over any amount of money.”

His expression didn’t change. “I regret, my lady, I don’t have the luxury of such sentimentalities. The money I earn from risking my life and those of the men who serve me supports my estate, the people who work on it, myself, and my king.”

Rosalind bit her lip briefly and drew in a long, hard breath. “I would willingly pay you with my service.”


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