Snippet from Naughty List Story

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Here are seven paragraphs from my story, Prelude to a Most Unusual Marriage, in the forthcoming Naughty List anthology, now available for pre-order at Amazon and other e-sellers!

Her mouth opened in a soft moan. His tongue swept in to explore the depths and recesses. Excitement frothed her blood and bubbled through her. Desire rose, making her want to open more than just her mouth to him. She wanted to feel his hands on parts of her body below her face. Her breath sped up and she reached up to cup her hands in his thick, soft hair.

A few exciting moments later, he broke away and took a step back. “Elizabeth… I’m sorry. I should not have done that.”

She collected her breath. “Why not, Richard? We are both free of other promises.”

“But we must find you a husband who’ll treasure you as you deserve.”

“As I deserve,” she echoed softly. She shook her head. “That is the issue. I deserve nothing. But what about yourself, Richard? Surely you mean to marry again. You’ve a title to pass on.”

He swallowed hard. “I do mean to marry. Perhaps soon. I’m hopeful.”

“She is a most fortunate lady then.”


Prelude to a Most Unusual Marriage is a very naughty historical set in the Victorian period.


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