What I’m Working on Now

I’ve had several people ask me recently what I’m working on and when I’ll release new material other than in the Naughty Literati anthologies or re-releases of older books.  The anthologies have taken up a considerable amount of my attention this past year, and between those and organizing the re-release of the Suburban Dominants series, my non-working time has been pretty full. I’m planning for more writing time in the coming months, so look for a new story or two from me early next year.

I have two things I’m currently working on – a new series of novellas tentatively called The Disciplinarians, and a novel currently called Judith’s Challenge.  It would be a sequel to my story in the Naughty Reunions anthology titled “Renovating the Relationship,” thought it might be more accurate to say that the story is a prequel to the novella.  In any case, it’s about two-thirds done and I’d like to have it done by March of next year.

Stay tuned for more!

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