A Naughty Valentine’s Day

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This seven-sentence snippet is from Fifty Shades of Valentine’s Day, my story in the Naughty Hearts boxed set from The Naughty Literati.

Here’s the quick blurb: Dumped on Valentine’s Day! Melissa only thinks the day can’t get any worse. Until she damages her hot neighbor’s car, and he demands unexpected compensation.

Here are the first seven paragraphs:

Valentine’s Day… A day to celebrate love, sweethearts, joy. Chocolate candy, hearts and flowers… Bah humbug. Wrong holiday, right sentiment, Melissa decided as she pulled into the parking lot of her apartment building after the longest day of her life.

What kind of shitty asshole dumped his girlfriend of six months on Valentine’s Day, of all days? Daniel McKenzie Winslow, her own shitty asshole of an ex-boyfriend. He couldn’t be what she needed, he claimed, which was true in its way, but not for the reasons he wanted her to be believe. Not only that, he did it with an email. Sent to her work email account.

Asshole didn’t begin to describe him.

And probably because she was so upset by that, she got yelled at by two customers who thought she wasn’t moving fast enough, and another she accidentally shorted on a withdrawal. Of course, her supervisor noticed too, and asked if there was a problem. Yeah, right. And her drawer came up fifty-two dollars short.

And now there was someone else parked in her parking space, which meant looking for one somewhere else. Perfect cap to a horrible day. She spotted a narrow space between a huge SUV and shiny red Trans Am. Her little car would just fit.

But she cut it too close. The grating screech of metal on metal from the right rear meant her day was about to get even worse. What to do now? She drew a deep breath, and with shaking hands, reversed enough to back away from the other car and then pulled in straighter, avoiding it this time.

Did she have to notify the police? She didn’t think so. But she’d have to tell the owner about it and offer to pay for the damage. Soon. Right now, preferably. But she couldn’t. Not like that. Not when she knew who the car’s owner was. She’d write out an apology and include a check with the note that she’d make up any difference between it and the actual bill.

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