I write hot, erotic, romantic stories, set in all periods, from back in the dark ages to Medieval times  to contemporay  and even on into the future and fantasy worlds that never were.

A couple of things all my stories have in common, though. I always try to make the characters–their emotions, their relationships, and their moral choices–the most important components of the sexual relationship and the story.

And my books often (almost always, in fact) feature elements that go beyond normal (vanilla) sexual situations.  You’ll frequently find bondage, spanking, and sexual mastery situations in my stories. Those activities are always consensual. If those things offend you, my stories are NOT for you.


From the Naughty Literati (TM)


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Two of my stories, Phantom Affair and Weapon of Choice, are included in this volume.

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Ginny’s Gargoyle
(This is an expanded and rewritten version of the short story Her Gargoyle Guardian that appeared in two of the Naughty Literati anthologies.)

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Renovating the Relationship is a short story, included in a couple of the Naughty Literati anthologies. Although it stands alone, it’s also a prequel to Judith’s Challenge, which is a full-length novel.

Renovating the Relationship: Dani Scott and Brad Carpenter broke up years ago because he couldn’t fulfill her kinky needs, but he thinks he has a solution to the problem now. Read an excerpt here.

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Judith’s Challenge: Money can’t buy back the parts of himself Drew Robertson left on a middle-east battlefield, but his new assistant, Judith Delaney, can show him he’s still a whole man without them—if he can help her heal from her own traumatic history. Read an excerpt here.

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